The Comfort Inn City Centre Armidale is dedicated to its environmental program & have recently become the first accommodation provider in Australia to be certified carbon neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standards (NCOS).

The environmental program is ongoing, and includes but is not limited to reducing & offsetting the motel's carbon footprint, inspiring & educating guests to participate, and collaborating with other local environmentally conscious businesses, education institutions and local government.

2019 Environmental Program Achievements to date

- Successfully analysed each area of business' 2018 emissions. Offset Carbon footprint by sponsoring a wind farm in India. Became fully certified carbon neutral under the NCOS.

- Replaced antiquated gas water boiler system with state of the art air-to-water Q-Ton heat pump

- Replaced ducted heating in 20 rooms with environmentally conscious reverse-cycle air-conditioners

- Installed a 32kw Solar Power system

- Replace old lights with LEDs

- Initiated opportunity for guests to offset their stay by donating to the Armidale Tree Group wildlife corridor project. Find out more about the Wildlife corridor project here.

- Implemented 100% cloud based technologies to reduce paper waste. Paper use has been reduced to the minimum.

- Introduced digital compendiums on the GUESTassist app by Newbook. Available for free download on mobile.

- Established a worm hotel. A worm hotel is place worms can go to snack on food scraps before returning to the soil in the garden to help keep the soil fertile. The worm hotel is located in our on-site herb garden. The garden is watered using recycled water and is fed using pipes that travel underneath the plants keeping the garden wet and healthy while saving water usage.

2019 Awards

- Winner of New England North West Business Chamber awards - Excellence in Sustainability

- Winner of Armidale Business Chamber awards - Environmental sustainability

- Finalist in the HM Awards  - Major Awards - Environmental Program

- Finalist in the NSW Tourism Awards - Standard Accommodation

2019 Environmental Program goals

- Currently collaborating with One Giant Leap Australia to host STEAM Dreaming in 2020. With partnerships from the University of New England, the Oorala Aboriginal Centre and the Armidale Regional Council, Coder Academy.

- Source and implement sustainable toiletries for guests. When sourcing these products we are taking into account manufacturing issues, logistics, economical considerations, consumer based sustainability, as well as the quality of the products. We are still in the research phase of this strategy, if you have any suppliers in mind please email

Work with local environmental groups for them to be approved as organisations that can be offset under the NCOS

- Establish sustainable native plant garden

2020 Environmental Program goals & achievements

- Analyse 2019 emissions and offset carbon footprint

The inaugural STEAM Dreaming conference was held in Armidale NSW. The Comfort Inn City Centre Armidale were major sponsors with Managing Director Kate Mitchell providing the opening address, and a presentation on why Armidale could be the first carbon neutral CBD in Australia alongside the University of New England's zero30's David Miron, Mahalath Halperin, the Armidale Tree Group's David Carr, and Climate Active specialist Chris Wilson from Pangolin Associates. STEAM Dreaming is about the 'dreaming' of space travel and advance technologies, 'dreaming' of a more sustainable Earth, and the 'dream-time' stories of Indigenous Australia and drawing on the wisdom of our First people.

- STEAM Dreaming 2021 is already in planning with the following local and national initiatives created from the 2020 conference.

  1. Creation of the STEAM Dreaming YouTube Channel
  2. 'On Country with Kate' YouTube series. Kate travels to meet with Elders, academics and co-creators of the STEAM Dreaming space on country to discuss how collaborations between business, academia and Indigenous Australian wisdom can benefit the whole country.
  3. Collaborations have been formed with the Armidale Regional Council, the University of New England and the Armidale Business Chamber to promote the zero30 initiative in the Armidale LGA.
  4. 'Chats with Charlie' YouTube series - Charlie, STEAM Dreaming ambassador, year 9 Sydney based students meets with Indigenous Students in Sydney to speak candidly from the perspective of a high school student.
  5. Collaborations with Sydney based Coder Academy and One Giant Leap Australia, and the Comfort Inn City Centre Armidale to bring a series of workshops, leadership programs and information nights around Australia, with a focus on building confidence and understanding of how Australia can work together to create a more sustainable and connected future.


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